Our Team

Product Managers

Dave Verelli 

Ladle and EAF Brick 

Dave started working with us in 1998 and is a product specialist and refractory applications engineer.  Dave will travel to all customers or potential customers to help create the perfect refractory plan.  He also manages the purchasing of all FRC Global’s brick products.

Dave started working in brick manufacturing and research. He is an expert in brick installations.

On his off time, Dave enjoys riding his motorcycle and spending time with his grandkids!   

Jim DeMarco 

Slide Gates, Stir Plugs and Ceramic Fiber

Jim started with us in 2001 as the product manager from slide gates, stir plugs and ceramic fiber.  Jim travels to different customers to ensure they have the right process in place.  He also provides slide gate and stir plug troubleshooting.

Jim has worked for multiple companies within the steel industry including Wheeling Pittsburgh, Universal Stainless Steel and NARCO.  

Jim spends his free time with his children and grandchildren. He enjoys biking with his wife, golfing and watching football!

Ed Shaw

Hydraulics & Argon

TKE-HTT - Systems Engineer

Ed started working with us in 2001 as the product manager for Hydraulics and Argon.  He customizes sand mixtures to meet customer’s needs.  He also designs and markets special equipment to help custom practices become safer and easier. Ed is also a member of the TKE-HTT Team as the system engineer.

Ed was with Narco for 17 years designing and building equipment for the steel industry and he was also the application engineer for flow control equipment for the steel industry. Ed was the owner of EHS Technologies for 5 years where we built and designed this same equipment.

Ed loves spending time with his wife, 3 sons and grandchildren.

Jay Jackowski 

Ingot Pouring 

Jay started working with our team in 2014 and is our Product Manager for Ingot Pouring as well as a Regional Sales Manager. He is specifically focused on introducing our company as the leader in bottom pour tile while continuing to grow partnerships throughout all aspects of the industry.

He has worked in the specialty steel sector for over 20 years in a variety of areas including operations, sales, procurement, and more. Prior to joining our company he worked as superintendent of melting forging, and billet/slab and rolling. His particular expertise is in EAF melting, AOD refining and bottom pour ingot casting. Jay is alumni of the Electric Metal Makers Guild and continues to participate in meetings.

Jay has been largely involved in local youth athletic programs including soccer, softball, baseball, and basketball for over 10 years

Bob Snyder

Minerals Processing

Bob recently rejoined our team as a Regional Sales Manager and Minerals Processing Product Manager. He primarily serves the Michigan market focusing on iron producing operations and cement operations.

He is a seasoned professional with 9 years of experience in cement plant operations management, 12 years of experience in refractory tech support, sales, and site management, and 21 years of experience in refractory operations and management. He has particular expertise in refractories for iron making operations and cement making operations and in melt shop and foundry refractory applications and selection.

In his free time he enjoys tinkering with electronics, optics, and machining.

Noah Lehr


Noah joined our company in 2018 as a Regional Sales Manager and Foundries Product Manager. His main area of focus is serving Ferrous and non-Ferrous foundaries within Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

He has ten years of military experience and a B.S. in Business that has contributed to his success within the manufacturing industry. Noah got his start in steel working in the mettalurgy department, which enabled him to find success with the melt department as a manager. Later he focused on logistics and inventory management for a total of six years. He then moved into the aluminum industry working as a plant superintendent and process engineer for another six years.

When Noah isn't working he cannot be found because he is either hiking trails and camping with his Sheltie named Audrey or rocking out at various music concerts.

Dianne Detwiler

Alumina-Graphite and Fused Silica

Dianne recently joined us as the Product Manager for shrouds, SENs/SESs, stopper rods, and other caster products. 

Dianne has a B.S. in Ceramic Engineering from Alfred University and some past experience working with refractory research. She has been working in glass manufacturing for the past five years and is excited to get back to ceramics! 

In her free time, Dianne can be found outdoors skiing, hiking, and road biking.  She is also passionate about working with the Society of Women Engineers to get more young women involved in STEM.