Furnace Refractories

All products for your furnace refractories needs: sidewall brick, working linings, stadium brick, hearth bottom material, steep bank material and all other specialties



Ladle Refractories

Products for every ladle, slag and practice: working linings, accessory products such as castables, plastics and ram materials, lip retaining brick systems, blocks and metal anchors




EAF electrodes for electric arc furnaces and LMF electrodes for lower powered melting furnaces and ladle met furnaces



Foundry Refractories

Induction furnace linings, electric arc furnace brick, ladle linings, stoppers, nozzles and shrouds






Iron Making & Taphole Clay

FRC Global has the exclusive North American distribution rights for Seven Refractories. Seven Refractories offers the most advanced and reliable solutions to controlled casts.



Mineral Processing Industry Cement & Lime

All refractory requirements in the mineral processing area: in the rotary kiln, static tower and cooler sections of your plant



Copper, Nickel & Lead Refractories

A full line of high-quality products for the primary and secondary production of non-ferrous metals: working lining bricks, insulators, back-up linings, anchors and other specialties




Sands for a variety of applications including EBT taphole fill, ladle nozzle fill, tundish insulation, EAF stadium backfill and ladle nozzle fill