Our sand products are high-quality, high-performing, safe and user-friendly. We also have a team of experts available to assist you with the proper application and use of sand products. Our strength is in our salesforce.  With a combined total of 200 years in this industry, we have staff with specific backgrounds in technology, sales and plant operations. Combined, we have a full appreciation for what the consistent performance and cost-competitiveness of our products means to the end-user.

If asked, the FRC Global sand team will do a thorough audit of a facility and report its findings. Along with the audit our team will provide any recommendations for changes to product, application, handling or design. If granted a trial, we will evaluate our products in the facility and provide a summary report and any further recommendations. If there is continuing use, we will monitor performance, tweak the product as necessary and do additional audits as required.

With a focus on safety, performance and cost, we believe that the FRC Global sand team can deliver real measurable value to any operation.