SDS & Data Sheets

Please note: SDS and product info sheets have been consolidated to the greatest extent possible to make it simpler for our customers. FRC Global offers many custom-engineered sub-brands to suit your specific application, but most of these are minor tweaks and do not warrant separate documents. If you do not find the specific one you need, please feel free to contact us.

Product Information Data Sheets

Alumina Graphite Shapes-LS4 Apex 4 Apex 5

Apex 6

Apex 7 Apex 7HD Apex 8 Apex 8DSR
Apex 8HXC Atlas 92 Atlas 95 Atlas 96TIZ
Atlas 98
Ceramic Fiber Copper Mold Tube Cu-DHP Copper Silver Mold Tube
Durachrome 60DB Durachrome 70DB Durachrome FG20
Durachrome FG33 Durachrome FG50 Durachrome 60DB-CU
Durachrome FG85 Durachrome FG95 Durachrome FG100
Epic 30AR Epic 35 Epic 40 Epic 40AR
Epic 42 Epic 42 LP Epic 45 Epic 50
Epic 64 C28Z3 Epic 70 Epic 70LD Epic 80
Epic 80 C Epic 85 Epic 90  Epic 97
Epic AA SiC K Epic AC Epic ACS Epic BCS
Epic BCS-SR Epic C Epic PB Epic Pour Tile
Epic 55C30Z6
Fedcast 22 Fedcast 40 Fedcast 50 Fedcast 50 LI
Fedcast 60 Fedcast 70 Fedcast 80 Fedcast 85
Fedcast 85C
Fedcast 92 Fedcast 94C Fedcast 95M Fedcast 94SP
Fedcast 96 Fedcast FG Fedcast N Fedhearth 75 
Fedgun 45AL Fedgun 80
Fedmag 80 85 92 Fedolram 90 Fedolram Fedolplast
Fedmor 70P Fedmor 85 Fedmor 90P
Fedplas 60 Fedplas 70 Fedplas 85 Fedplas ACS
Fedplas XXC FedPlaster 55
Fedram 42
Fedsil 72-24 Fedvibe M
Fedtap Fedtun Dry
Flosan 2000 Series Flosan Flosan GDS Flosan QI
Flosan SDI Flosan Z10 Flosan Z20 Flosan Z30
Flosan Z50 FSG
Fused Silica Shapes
Hercules Insul D
Icon Icon 4 Icon 5 Icon 6
Icon 7 Icon 8 Icon HD
IFB Ingot Hot Top Boards
Jefrit Jefrit 85
Jehearth Jehearth 358 Jetmag
Magfill Magfill OLI-EBT 30% MGO Briquette 65
Oracle Paragon 60
Paragon RD6C Paragon RDM6
Paragon MC 20A Paragon PB Paragon PB6 Paragon RD
Paragon RD6 Paragon RD3C Paragon MCa30 Paragon MCa30Z
SlagMag 80

















Aluminia Graphite Shapes
Atlas 92 
Atlas 95

Atlas 98
Atlas TI
Ceramic Fiber
Epic Epic - Canada
Epic C
Epic TI Exothermic Hot Tops
Fedcast C  Fedcast C - Ontario
Fedcast M Fedmag
Fedmor Ladle TP
Fedolram 90 Fedplas - Ram
Fedplas - Ram C Fedplas - Ram M
Fedseal AC

Fedsil 96

Fedtun Flosan
Flosan 2000 Series Flosan 300Z
Flosan NFS

Flosan Z10-90

FSG A Slidegate Plate - Nozzle FSG B Slidegate Plate - Nozzle
FSG S Slidegate Plate - Nozzle FSG Z Slidegate Plate - Nozzle
Graphite Electrode Graphite Blocks
Graphite Electrode - Canada
Insul D Jefrit
Jehearth Jehearth 28

Magfill Magfill OLI-EBT 30%
MGO Briquette 65
Olimag OLI-EBT Oracle Brick
Paragon MC 20A Paragon MDZ
Paragon Resin Bonded Synthetic Slag
  Trough Sand