Copper, Nickel & Lead Refractories

close up of melted copper being pouredProduct Description:

FRC Global carries a full line of high-quality products for the primary and secondary production of non-ferrous metals. For copper, nickel and lead, we offer magnesite-chrome brick in many different formulations. From direct-bonded to fully re-bonded, and everything in between, we supply brick made only from 100% virgin materials. Supplementing the brick line is a full catalog of specialties including mortars, castables, plastics and rams.

Performance Highlights:

FRC Global has all of the products required for your smelting needs. From magnesia-chrome working lining bricks to insulators, to back-up linings, to anchors and specialties, we have your needs covered. All our products are designed to provide optimum service in your specific operation with your existing practice. By varying raw materials, firing schedules and post-firing treatments like salt impregnation, we can engineer a solution for you.