Product Description:

sparks flying out of molten metal ladleFRC Global has proven products for every furnace, slag or practice. We offer Apex series for furnace sidewalls. Apex utilize 100% electrically fused magnesite, high purity graphite and alumina, and metallic antioxidants as needed. 

Durachrome magnesia-chrome brick in direct bonded, semi rebonded or fully rebonded for the stainless steel manufactures. For the bottoms we offer Jehearth. For subhearths and stadiums we have burned magnesite brick with or without pitch impregnation. Castables are also available for anything from precast delta and runner shapes to one piece breast and stadium inserts.

diagram showing products in AC Conventional Tapping


diagram showing products in EBT AC EAF


diagram showing products in EBT DC EAF