Furnace Refractories

Product Description:

We offer all Qualities of furnace sidewall brick under our Apex series of resin bonded bricks. Apex can be MAC or Magnesia-carbon furnace brick depending on the application and customer needs. Our sales engineers will help you optimize your lining. Apex utilize 100% electrically fused magnesite, high purity graphite and alumina, and metallic antioxidants as needed. Durachrome magnesia-chrome brick in direct-bonded, semi-rebonded or fully-rebonded for the specialty steel manufacturers. For bottoms we offer Jehearth and Fedhearth masses. For sub-hearths and stadiums we recommend Atlas burned magnesite brick with or without pitch impregnation at your discretion. Taphole sleeves, blocks, precast deltas, runner shapes and roof brick round out the total package.

Performance Highlights:

FRC Global has all the products for your furnace refractories needs; working linings ranging from magnesia carbon, magesia alumina carbon, to magnesia chrome. Stadium brick, hearth bottom material and steep bank material, frit for hot-patching bottoms, tapholes, precast runners and door jambs, roof brick and all other specialties needed to complete the job. All are designed to provide optimum service in your specific operation with your existing practice. Our qualified engineers will help design a lining to fit your unique needs.


large furnace ladle in steel plant