Slide Gates & Slide Gate Refractories

Product Description:

FRC Global supplies slide gate refractory for a wide range of slide gate systems. Slide gate refractory is matched to your specific steel qualities. We are capable of complete turn-key installations of gate systems from engineering, to training, to fabrication as well as supply of consumables and parts.

Performance Highlights:

  • thin stream of molten steel pouring out, sparks flyingWith its state-of-the-art engineering, FRC Global is often able to do slide gate conversions without removing the level plate. This creates enormous savings in time and money.
  • FRC Global supplies all accessory equipment if needed: hydraulic caster and ladle prep units.
  • We have both pneumatic and hydraulic spring compression units at your discretion.
  • FRC Global can engineer your choice of either a direct drive or a bell crank system.
  • We supply hydraulic cylinders in either stationary or removable, depending on your specific needs.