Reliable Furnace Refractories, From Installation to Reinstallation

The refractory installation and reinstallation process is a critical part of maintaining and operating any high-temperature process facility. Refractory installation is the process of applying a layer of heat, thermal shock, and abrasion-resistant material to the furnace. In this blog, we look at the steps required for successful refractory installation and learn why FRC Global makes the right choice for refractory installation. 

Steps For Successful Refractory Installation
The advancements in engineering technology have made refractory installation steps more convenient and effective. However, since it is a technical process, you need to rely on the services of a skilled refractory installation contractor like FRC Global to ensure proper refractory installation. The steps involved in the refractory installation process include the following. 

  • Selection
  • Installation
  • Curing
  • Drying Out

Let’s take a closer look at each of the following processes. 

Selection of the Refractory Lining
The mos important decisions you need to make is what refractory to use for your particular application, as that will make your installation process successful.  Not all furnaces are the same, not all work loads are the same, and there are myriad refractories beyond your furnace lining as well.  Our expert material engineers and consultants can assure that we help you select the best refractory for your situation, balancing longevity, cost, and reliability to maximize the overall performance of your furnace.

Installation of the Refractory Lining 
The process starts with the installation of the refractory lining. Prior to the actual installation, you will need to consult with our expert refractory engineers. Following consultation, the industrial refractory installation process is conducted, which involves developing a precisely measured refractory castable customized to your use case. This is a critical step as any missteps in the process can damage the refractory lining by affecting its strength, setting time, and other steps involved in the installation process. 
Therefore, it is absolutely critical to use the right amount and type of every needed raw material for the effective installation of the refractory lining. 

The Curing Process 
The curing process starts when water is added to the castable and reacts with the cement. The curing process is completed when the refractory material has hardened to its final form. While it may seem like a simple step, it is a delicate process as it involves the surrounding temperature and the castable can impact the success of this step. 
The curing process takes place in a precise temperature range as changing or inappropriate temperatures can weaken the curing or may lead to lower penetrability and a much longer curing time. Moreover, it can also set the refractory product too quickly, resulting in a refractory lining that is unfit for application.

Drying Out 
The last step involved in refractory installation is known as the drying out process. The process requires the expertise of an experienced refractory engineer because if it is done improperly, it can lead to cracking or weakening of the refractory lining. Since there can be a build-up of steam when refractories are heated, inappropriate drying out can also result in a steam explosion that might risk workers’ safety, the entire refractory project, or even damage the equipment being lined.

For a successful refractory installation process, we recommend using FRC Global’s team of expert technicians and engineers. 

Why Choose FRC Global for Refractory Installation
FRC Global aims to provide reliable and consistent refractory supply, performance, and features. We carry advanced furnace refractories that you will not find from many other suppliers since we have a unique role in the research and development of refractories. Moreover, our team of experts ensures that each step is completed with utmost care and professionalism so you end up with the furnace refractory that you need. We also offer exceptional before, during, and after installation services, which makes FRC Global a reliable refractory installation contractor. 

Furnace refractories are an integral investment for any high-temperature industry, metallurgical or otherwise. However, they are not a one-time affair. You will eventually need to replace your refractory linings, no matter how good they are, and for that, you can trust in and rely on the services of FRC Global. From technicians to operators, managers, and engineers, we offer the perfect balance between quality and affordability so you can maximize your efficiency and profits with minimal wastage of time. 


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