FRC Global at Conac 2023






At FRC Global we dress up as a Gala to participate in Conac 2023, the largest congress and Exhibition of  Steel Industry in all of Latin America.

This event brings together personnel from the Steel Industry, manufacturers, suppliers, processors and users, as well as academic institutions.
If you are interested in the world of high temperatures, Conac offers the opportunity to attend the Business Exhibition and network with the leaders in the steel sector, as well as access to conferences on lamination, steelworks, security, maintenance, industry 4.0 and processes and uses of steel.
This year was a very special edition of Conac as 30 new companies participated. Attending a great diversity of relevant representatives for this industry from different countries such as: Mexico, Germany, Austria, Spain, Canada, Ireland, USA Colombia, and India.
Thus, with a total of 2,543 attendees at the expo, of which 1,868 were visitors and 675 exhibitors.

FRC Global participation in Conac 2023

For us, participation in this event is something very special, since we can share with our clients and strengthen ties, make ourselves known and be able to offer our help and services to other companies in the high temperature industry.

This space is also very useful for us to make new allies, get to know other services and open up to new relationships.

The icing on the cake is that our assistant team has many opportunities to enrich their knowledge with the courses offered by this event focused on steel, maintenance, security and industry 4.0. Plus the lived experience of participating in such an important event for our industry.

This year for FRC Global was also a different edition.

This year we have our team from the new generation of FRC Global, the president of FRC Global, vice president and product managers participated. We were also accompanied by our team of engineers and salespeople from different regions, and part of our logistics and marketing team. Thus contributing experience each one in their area, to our visitors.

What does the FRC Global Team think about participation in Conac 2023

Thanks to our assistance the FRC Global team was able to see familiar faces and finally put a face to some of our existing relationships. In addition, we were able to reconnect with some relationships that were established in the past and be able to resume those connections.
In addition, at Conac we met new allies who can help us continue offering a service to our clients in high temperatures, it was a very successful participation.


From FRC Global we want to be able to see you and enjoy with you in future editions.

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