Embark on the ecological path with our eco-friendly refractory materials with the environment

The steel industry faces numerous challenges. With the growing demand for energy and the constant increase in the prices of natural gas and other materials, unleashing in the industry an increase in production costs, decrease in steel production due to low market demands due to the  increase in the final price of the product

In addition, as global demand for steel continues to rise, there is another challenge lurking in the industry, environmental pollution, and climate change.  Every day it is increasingly difficult for the industry to comply with strict environmental regulations, due to the high dependence of the production process with fossil fuels for steel manufacturing processes, and at the same time achieve economically sustainable competitiveness.


Faced with such a situation, it is essential to find alternatives that are viable and respectful of the environment. The Taphole clay offered by FRC global Inc.  It is a sustainable and eco-friendly material with the environment that does not affect its operation and / or production.
We focus our attention on the design and manufacture of the piquera to ensure stable operation of the blast furnace and protect the walls of the home and reduce the content of harmful elements.  Offering our customers economic and environmental benefits
Let's take a closer look at some of the advantages of Taphole Clay.

What are the benefits of Taphole Clay?
The clay offered by FRC Global is a high-performance material bonded with resin, to completely eliminate the use of harmful tar, this union is ecological because it is designed to minimize traces of dangerous volatile components in the final product. 
This material is fully compatible with the processes involved in the manufacture of iron. Taphole clay is sturdy enough to effectively get in contact with liquid metal and slag which eventually enhances furnace performance. 
We work together with other refractory companies to improve the functionality of Taphole clay. In addition, we will direct our efforts to adapt the behavior of taphole clay in the various operational situations of the blast furnaces around the world. 
In a highly competitive world, there is a need for continuous research and development. However, most efforts are aimed at the development of certain additives, such as antioxidants, nitrides, and carbides.

Another important advantage is its fast curing. Manufactured to adapt to various operating conditions. In addition, it is designed to counteract and / or optimize the work of drilling and capping machines of various designs, manufacturers, and powers.

For the perfect holding of the closed taphole, a faster curing time is an absolute essential. The faster the curing time, the quicker the curing time, the lesser will be the exposure of the mud gun to extreme conditions that the taphole experiences. Moreover, fast curing allows you to push casthouse operations with shorter intercasting times, which results in the complete holding of the closed taphole.

Taphole Clay is traceable
Each of the taphole clay is numbered, which allows the raw material’s traceability during the production process. We carry out sustained monitoring of the production process in various stages of production, which allows the company to intervene in case of the slightest deviation from the pre-established objectives. As a result, you can expect consistent product quality when you get Taphole Clay.

Why the taphole clay offered by FRC Global is the most environmentally friendly and cleanest taphole clay on the market?

While knowing the advantages of Taphole Clay is critical, it is also essential to know why the Taphole Clay offered by FRC Global is the most environmentally friendly on the market.  
The formulation of this product is based on the use of organic substances that do not pose any threat or danger to the end user. While some competitors have been able to reduce the level of potentially carcinogenic compounds, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs), so far, no competitor can match it.

Quality controls are carried out regularly in several independent laboratories to certify the lowest concentration of hazardous substances compared to products currently on the market.
All raw materials are selected and tested in our laboratories with the utmost precision. A barcode system allows easy and complete traceability of every element in our production line.

And the best!!!.... 

FRC global Inc. brenders its customers a constant monitoring of the material production process, adopt specific systems of continuous monitoring during long transport routes  until final delivery to the customer and has a trained and certified technical team that will carry out all the traceability of the use of the product within its operation,  aimed at improving the absolute performance of tap clay, but also at adapting its behaviour in the different operating situations of blast furnaces around the world hand in  hand with established occupational health and safety standards. 

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