Our Brand Story

FRC Global Inc.

Brand Evolution


Fedmet Resources Corporation has entered the next phase of our brand evolution:
We are now FRC Global, Inc.



We're bringing all our brands under one umbrella. We are no longer Fedmet, Diamond-Graphite, and Fedmet-Gastrim, we are just FRC. You are still part of our family. You will see the same people and receive the same products and services you expect.
We are more global than we used to be and have more partners around the world than we ever have. We source the best raw materials we can find, wherever they are globally. You still have access to our entire team of experts, all the way up to the top. We are available to answer any product or process questions you have.
We are implementing new technologies throughout the company to increase innovation, efficiency, and transparency. We are still providing globally sourced and competitively priced products to the high temp industry.


Our Products Include

bricks of all types ingot pouring tile and hot tops
flow control graphite electrodes
stirring plugs and equipment heat transfer technology
EBT and ladle sands foundry supplies